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Congressman Matt Gaetz, former Florida Senate President Don Gaetz, Okaloosa Sheriff Larry Ashley, outgoing District 1 County Commissioner Graham Fountain, and a host of others from community, military, and law enforcement backgrounds fully endorse Paul Mixon for County Commission in the District 1 Seat.

July 17, 2020
Contact: Paul Mixon
Phone: (850) 362-8846

Shalimar, Fla. — Today, over 30 prominent officials and community leaders made their full endorsement for District 1 County Commission candidate Pastor Paul Mixon to be the next Commissioner to succeed Commissioner Graham Fountain, who is not seeking re-election. With receiving this level of leadership support and outraising his opponents by double digits in campaign contributions, Mixon is now clearly the frontrunner in the very important race.

Congressman Matt Gaetz, who took an active role in exposing Okaloosa county corruption while in the Florida House, pulled no punches in endorsing Paul Mixon and reminding people about previous ethical lapses of the other candidate running in the race. “Wayne Harris failed when he defended scandalous and criminal behavior years ago at the Okaloosa Tourist Development Council. Voters wisely rejected him in his last political campaign and should do so again in the upcoming primary by voting for Paul Mixon; an honorable man to serve on the Okaloosa County Commission,” said Congressman Matt Gaetz.

“Paul Mixon is a man of character and faith; and I trust him to support good law enforcement on the board, be transparent and always do what’s right for the citizens of Okaloosa County, so he has my highest endorsement,” said Sheriff Larry Ashley.

In lending her endorsement, and signaling the importance of this race for the county, Commissioner Carolyn Ketchel said “we need the honesty, integrity and experience, that a proven leader such as Paul brings to the board, and having a seasoned law enforcement guy to succeed Commissioner Fountain on the board is just what we need right now.”

In giving Paul Mixon his nod, Commissioner Graham Fountain reminded voters that Paul is the only candidate in the race to stand toe to toe with the former commissioner who was knee deep in scandal during his tenure. “A lot of history is being wiped out these days, but let’s not forget recent county history—Wayne Harris’s role in mismanaging county government, the TDC scandal, and his lobbying for and accepting bed tax funds in violation of state law and ethical standards. We’ve cleaned up the mess in Okaloosa County, let’s not bring in more. I trust Paul Mixon with my life and the people’s money, and he has my full support,” said Commissioner Fountain.

“Paul Mixon has my enthusiastic support because I know his character and heart. He is a man of his word and he will always fight for our military bases and war fighters, and stand up to candidate Wayne Harris’s plan to drill for oil in the Gulf of Mexico test range which could destroy our tourism industry and military mission,” said Lt. General Gordon Fornell.

Dr. Paul Hsu, one of our community’s top job creators and STEM-Technology innovators said “Paul is on top of the issues affecting our economy and job market and the right person to take over the reins from Commissioner Fountain who has served our county well for many years. Paul has what it takes to move Okaloosa County forward to the next level…and with integrity and energy. You can take that to the bank!”

Mayor J.B. Whitten stated “we must continue the positive relationships and horsepower from our elected commissioners to move transportation and public safety projects begun with the assistance of Commissioner Fountain. Paul has those relationships and support from the policy makers that are bringing in funding to our local community. I know how to pick real leaders, and Paul is my man. Please join me in picking the right candidate—one we can trust.”

Retired Crestview Mayor Jerry Milligan was honored to support Mixon for the post. “I have known Paul for many years and seen him shine in our community as a minister, parent, foster parent, law enforcement officer, businessman, and citizen volunteer. He has the ability to provide a calming effect and mature decision making in any situation that presents itself. I want all of the county voters to know he’s the real deal. Please elect the only choice in this race, by sending Paul Mixon to the county commission,” said Mayor Milligan.

These officials are fully endorsing Paul Mixon for the District 1 Commissioner seat:

Hon. Matt Gaetz, US Congressman, 1st District
Hon. Don Gaetz, Retired Senate President and Triumph Gulf Coast Chairman
Hon. Larry Ashley, Okaloosa County Sheriff
Hon. Larry Gilbert, Retired Okaloosa County Sheriff
Hon. Graham Fountain, Okaloosa County Commissioner & Former Okaloosa Undersheriff
Hon. Carolyn Ketchel, Okaloosa County Commissioner
Hon. John Jannazo, Former Okaloosa County Commissioner
Hon. J.D. Peacock, Clerk of Court and Comptroller
Hon. Ben Anderson, Okaloosa Tax Collector
Hon. Mack Busbee, Okaloosa Property Appraiser
Hon. Pat Hollarn, Retired Supervisor of Elections
Hon. Don Howard, Retired Clerk of Court
Lt. General Gordon Fornell, USAF (Ret)
Lt. General Mike Wooley, USAF (Ret)
Major General Richard Secord, USAF Spec Ops (Ret)
Brigadier General Robert Buhrow, USAF (Ret)
Dr. Paul Hsu, President Trump Appointee & Chairman of Hsu Foundation
Chip Cook, Okaloosa County Aviation Board
Don Harrington, Okaloosa County Aviation Board
Hon. Colonel Howard Hill, USAF/ POW & Retired School Board Member
Hon. Dr. Lamar White, Okaloosa County School Board Member
Hon. Linda Evanchyk, Okaloosa County School Board Member
Hon. Alexis Tibbetts, Retired Superintendent of Schools
Hon. Gary Jarvis, Mayor of Destin
Hon. Brent Smith, Mayor of Valparaiso
Hon. John Meade, Former Ft. Walton Beach Councilman
Hon. J.B. Whidden, Mayor of Crestview
Hon. Jerry Milligan, Retired Mayor of Crestview
Hon. David Cadle, Retired Mayor of Crestview
Hon. Joe Blocker, Crestview City Council
Hon. Andrew Rencich, Crestview City Council
Hon. Shannon Hayes, Crestview City Council
Hon. Mike Buckingham, Destin Fire District Commissioner
Hon. Chandler Huff, North Bay Fire District Commissioner