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Hon. Matt Gaetz, US Congressman, 1st District • Hon. Don Gaetz, Retired Senate President and Triumph Gulf Coast Chairman • Hon. Larry Ashley, Okaloosa County Sheriff • Hon. Larry Gilbert, Retired Okaloosa County Sheriff • Hon. Graham Fountain, Okaloosa County Commissioner & Former Okaloosa Undersheriff • Hon. Carolyn Ketchel, Okaloosa County Commissioner • Hon. John Jannazo, Former Okaloosa County Commissioner • Hon. J.D. Peacock, Clerk of Court and Comptroller • Hon. Ben Anderson, Okaloosa Tax Collector • Hon. Mack Busbee, Okaloosa Property Appraiser • Hon. Pat Hollarn, Retired Supervisor of Elections • Hon. Don Howard, Retired Clerk of Court • Lt. General Gordon Fornell, USAF (Ret) • Lt. General Mike Wooley, USAF (Ret) • Major General Richard Secord, USAF Spec Ops (Ret) • Brigadier General Robert Buhrow, USAF (Ret) • Dr. Paul Hsu, President Trump Appointee & Chairman of Hsu Foundation • Chip Cook, Okaloosa County Aviation Board • Don Harrington, Okaloosa County Aviation Board • Hon. Colonel Howard Hill, USAF/ POW & Retired School Board Member • Hon. Dr. Lamar White, Okaloosa County School Board Member • Hon. Linda Evanchyk, Okaloosa County School Board Member • Hon. Alexis Tibbetts, Retired Superintendent of Schools • Hon. Gary Jarvis, Mayor of Destin • Hon. Brent Smith, Mayor of Valparaiso • Hon. John Meade, Former Ft. Walton Beach Councilman • Hon. J.B. Whidden, Mayor of Crestview • Hon. Jerry Milligan, Retired Mayor of Crestview • Hon. David Cadle, Retired Mayor of Crestview • Hon. Joe Blocker, Crestview City Council • Hon. Andrew Rencich, Crestview City Council • Hon. Shannon Hayes, Crestview City Council • Hon. Mike Buckingham, Destin Fire District Commissioner • Hon. Chandler Huff, North Bay Fire District Commissioner


We live in challenging times. We need to keep a public safety professional on our County Commission. Paul Mixon served as a police officer and deputy sheriff for 16 years.

Paul Mixon’s Plan for Public Safety:
✅ Support President Donald Trump’s Policies for Law and Order
✅ Properly Fund and Support Our Law Enforcement and Corrections Officers
✅ Stiffen Penalties for Criminals who Destroy Public Property
✅ Fight against Anarchy Polices of the Leftist Movement
✅ Protect our Second Amendment Rights
✅ Invest in School Resource Officers to Keep Our School Children Safe


As the Pastor at Central Baptist Church, Paul has made reaching people his first priority. Paul believes that the people of Okaloosa County deserve a government that is responsive, ethical, and committed to protecting our quality of life.

Protecting Our Community
Paul is committed to public safety. He started his career as a police cadet at the City of Ft. Walton Beach in 1993 and then later served over 10 years as an Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Deputy, where he was awarded the Life-Saving Medal and graduated from a Homeland Security Training Program. Paul understands the importance of giving our law enforcement the resources they need to keep our community safe and family friendly. Safe communities foster a better economy, more jobs, and growing opportunities.

Representing Our Values
Paul and his wife Kirsten have been married since 2001. They have 7 children and foster 1 child. He is committed to family and service, having participated in the leadership of several local organizations including Ropin the Truth Ministries, Out of this World Ministries, Goodwill Easter Seals, and the SHIP Program. Paul grew up in Shalimar, is a graduate of Choctaw High School, Northwest Florida State College, and Leavell College of New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.

Okaloosa County is the most beautiful place on earth. We have so much to be thankful for. Let's do everything we can to preserve our freedom, remembering that responsibility starts with the people, not the government.
— Paul Mixon


Okaloosa County has rapidly become the jewel of the Panhandle. Our natural resources and farmland to the north and our beautiful beaches to the south combine to make our county attractive to a wide variety of economic interests. We need to take advantage of our status as one of the premier communities of West Florida while taking steps to preserve our quality of life and sense of community.

Nurture post-Covid 19 economic recovery for small business

Fight to keep your taxes low

Fund effective law enforcement countywide and keep our beaches clean and crime-free

Ease traffic flows with highway infrastructure projects

Maintain veterans support networks

Protect our 2nd Amendment rights and fund effective law enforcement countywide


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